Panther Robotics welcomes you to our site for our FIRST robotics competition (FRC) team, FRC Team 1108. Our team shop is located in Paola, Kansas (map) and draws students and mentors from the area. We conduct year-round activities but are most busy during build season and competition from January to April.

FIRST Team 1108 (Panther Robotics) at 2016 Open House

Please read further to learn more about Panther Robotics and follow our updates here and on social media (Facebook & Twitter). Visit ourĀ Contact page. To learn more about FIRST or to volunteer, please visit FIRSTInspires.org.

THE COMPETITIONfirst-stronghold-logo-color.jpg

Each year FIRST reveals a different game, in which students must combine imagination and engineering to compete. FRC STRONGHOLD, the 2016 game, is played 3 vs. 3 on a split game field, and has a unique medieval theme. Each team has a castle (with high and low goals) and a outer works filled with 5 of 9 possible defenses. Each defense presents a unique challenge to the robot such as rough terrain, dry moat, or drawbridge. Points are scored when crossing the opponents defense, and when launching a boulder (foam ball) into your opponent’s castle goals. In the first 15 seconds, teams scores points by doing this autonomously. At the end, teams rush the castle to climb the wall for additional points.

The robot build season is limited to six weeks. During those six weeks, teams work to brainstorm, prototype and build a robot within the limitations, provided by FIRST, to complete the tasks of the game. At the end of these six weeks, we bag up our robot until our regional competitions, and if we qualify, to championships.


During the off-season we fundraise and work to spread the message of FIRST. We host FIRST Lego League workshops for elementary school children and demonstrate our robot at several community events. We fundraiseĀ to pay for our entrance fees, supplies, and travel to competition. Some recent fundraisers include a spaghetti dinner, KoC fish fry, LED lightbulb sales, zombie nights at the Cider Mill corn maze, and App Camp. We are grateful for sponsorship from local businesses and foundations. We want to especially thank our 2016 sponsors: City of Paola, Dean Scherman Memorial Fund, The Baehr Foundation, KC Power Source, National Instruments, Monsanto Fund, and Kalmar Solutions.


FIRSTRobotics_iconHorz_RGB_reverseFIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST hosts competitions, such as FRC and FLL, intended to challenge students and develop their skills in science, engineering, entrepreneurship, and technology. By participating in FIRST, students will be better prepared for their future careers, having worked alongside the many volunteers from educational, science, engineering, and other backgrounds, and having the opportunity to connect with the business, government, and university sponsors.