Chairman’s Team

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 1108 prides ourselves on being a Chairman’s Team. To us, Chairman’s is not just an award but a culture. The ideals of FIRST that are central to the Chairman’s Award guide every decision that we make. We earned 8 regional Chairman’s Awards at 6 different regionals in the 13 years we have been eligible for the award. We are proud that our team has been recognized by FIRST Judges for helping spread its message year after year.

Each year, we complete the Chairman’s Award submission which is reviewed by a panel of judges. The document reflects the team’s activities, accomplishments, and methods of spreading FIRST with a focus on the last two to five years. The Chairman’s Award team will make a presentation at regional competitions to a panel of judges.

Our Chairman’s Award Video from 2015 is available on our YouTube page:

Previous Chairman’s Document will be put here later. Check back!

For Teams

We have helped many other teams complete their Chairman’s Award submissions in the past and we are always excited to help another team. We can help in various ways, including editing the essay, executive summary, and presentation. If you are interested in seeking assistance for your team, please reach out to us. Our contact information can be found on the contact page.

The Chairman’s Award resources provided by FIRST can be found at


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