​Converting the ideas and concepts from the team’s brainstorming, our build team has turned piles of pipes, platforms, and wiring into a working robot. The committee strives each year to incorporate team approved design priorities to produce a competitive robot. The whole team is a part of this committee.

​We start the first few days thinking about strategies on how to win each “part” of the game. We start throwing out any idea we think might work. We prototype those ideas to prove if they will work or not. We start eliminating and the ones we find work the best are rebuilt and put on the actual robot we compete with.

Members Involved – ​Everyone

Chairman’s Award

​This committee is in charge of creating the Chairman’s Award document, which will be reviewed by a panel of judges. The document is limited to 10,000 characters and reflects the team’s accomplishments with a focus on the last two years. They are also responsible for making a presentation at the regional competition to a panel of judges to demonstrate the team’s methods for spreading the message of FIRST.

​Our team is well known for winning this award. We have won it 8 out of 12 times we have been eligible. We take pride in completing Dean’s Homework each year and are proud that our team has been recognized by FIRST to help spread its message year after year. It is what is most important to our team.

Members Involved – Alex, Kelly, Shannon, Elsie


​To fund a team you must have resources of the financial variety. Luckily we have been able to get creative. We fundraise year around in a number of different ways the newest being selling FIRST Green e-watt Saver bulbs. Some things to try are NXT workshops, car washes, give presentations to the community and to help look for new long term sponsors, work for local businesses, and have an annual auction. Once the season starts, we do smaller things such as raffles. We use the spring for going over how each event went and the ones that worked the best are the ones you should repeat.

Members Involved – Everyone


​Cataloging everything we do is very important to us! Our group of media students has been doing this for many years with our annual scrapbook, website, social media pages and articles in the school, town and state newspapers. We document anything and everything we do as a team to show how we spread the message of FIRST and to have a reminder for the kids as they grow up.

Members Involved – Mariah