Front page blog and updates

We are wrapping up the 2018 season and I wanted to not end it without a blog post. This year the blog post has been pretty much non-existent. We have been pretty regularly updating our friends and fans through our Facebook page instead. We have also periodically written articles for the Miami County newspaper. Because of this, I think the blog may eventually move off the main page as we reconsider the information we share here.

The biggest news is moving shop locations to “The Barn” which is a Paola school building which also houses the Ag program and school buses. We will continue to work to build an excellent workspace and hope we will find a home there for many years. The new address is 1705 Industrial Rd., Paola, KS 66071. Hopefully we can get back soon to doing more techical things with the team, but we will be working on getting setup after the move most of this summer. I’d like to get the website back on a more regular schedule of updates and information. We thank you for your continued support of Panther Robotics.