Practice Day at Colorado Regional

First of all we made it to Denver today.  We only had to wait until 9 am for the gates to open for the interstate.  We made it to the regional sometime after 1 pm.  Roads were interesting.

The robot has passed inspection.  But this did not happen until after 6 pm tonight.  We had some repairs to be made to the robot that weren’t completed earlier, from some damage during the KC regional, but these ended up a longer than expected time for fixing the robot.  We made one practice match, but practiced on the practice field.

Our first match is Friday at 8:58 am. The full match schedule is on  There are also webcasts located on that site too.

We can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow morning.  We had good results with NRLB, having many opportunities to help teams, even lending a compressor at one point.  We helped the California team, 1138, who were delayed, and are in the lab next to us.

Pictures from today will post on Facebook, so be sure to look there as well.






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