Today, we were bound for the Denver FIRST robotics regional at Denver University’s Ritchie Center.  Forty-eight teams from several states will meet to take on the challenge of this years game, FIRST Stronghold.  Twelve students and ten mentors, along with some parents, were hoping to arrive tonight to set-up our robot pit and to relax at our hotel before tomorrow’s practice day, but the fickle March weather had different plans dumping snow across Denver and the eastern plains.  With the high winds and snow, blizzard conditions led to the closure of Interstate 70 from Denver to the Kansas border.  After several hours of driving, our team was faced with the decision of how to proceed and have chosen to stay the night in Goodland, Kansas, and then proceed to competition in the morning.

We hope to get an early start and arrive in time to load-in the robot and equipment, and to get to work making some last minute repairs and modifications before having time on the practice field.  Snow across the region has affected many FIRST teams and volunteers.  Some teams were stranded waiting at airports, as the Denver airport was closed to all flights.  The regional asked for other volunteers to help with field set-up, as other committed mentors could not reach the venue.  The venue, the Ritchie Center, is located at the University of Denver, who cancelled classes today.  We expect that the regional will proceed normally, with a delay tomorrow as teams make their way in.

We are excited to meet and compete with the FIRST teams from Colorado and other states and hope they all have safe travels.  Many have already competed at other regionals, so the competition should be refined.  We are looking forward to working with other teams, sharing the knowledge, experience, and team spirit that 1108 is known for with the Denver regional.

To keep up with the team, be sure to follow updates on our social media sites (below).  For the Denver regional the events, possible webcast, and results are posted at  On Twitter, look for the #coloradofrc tag or follow the Bionic Tigers’ (Team 1592) twitter list to keep up with the regional.



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