Kansas City Wrap-up


We, team 1108, had a fantastic time meeting and interacting with other teams at the Greater Kansas City Regional.

We are proud that our robot was selected into the 6th alliance which included The Cyborgs (#1825) and Team Scream (#4522.) Their robots were great in the offensive and we are grateful that we were able to work with them.

Our team is known for our No Robot Left Behind program, and teams that were assisted through this nominated us for the Gracious Professionalism award. Our team recognizes this as an award of high prestige and is extremely appreciative that we were able to earn this award.

It always amazes the team how connected first is. One of our mentors, Gregg R., was very engaged with helping other teams with their robots and providing his own expertise. It just so happens that Saturday, the 12th of march, was his birthday. So at one point during the day all of the teams in the stands sang happy birthday to Gregg. During a meeting after the regional, Gregg mentioned this being a key part in his experience at the Greater Kansas City Regional.

Here are some pictures from last few day, and be sure to look at more pictures and videos on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.



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