Kansas City – Day One

Today, we had our first taste of regional competition, in preparation of the next to days of the FIRST Greater Kansas City regional.  It is the 10th year and has nearly 60 teams competing at the Metropolitan Community College.

Arriving early, we were impressed by the spirit of Team Driven (#1730) and their welcome tunnel.  We helped cheer on volunteers, judges, and organizers.  Our Robot Panther mascot danced and posed for pictures until doors opened.

We went to work on get the robot readied for inspections, setting up scouting in the stands, setting up NRLB (No robot left behind) stickers and flyers to let teams know how to let us assist them in whatever way to get all robots running, and the other work.  Despite the attention to the robot, all the jobs of vital to the success of our team and the students impressed with their dedication to their individual jobs throughout the day.

We are also proud to have seven team members, and alumni, volunteer during the event.

Many people visited the pit during the day.  Some special guests visited our pit, learning about the robot.  Our driver, Chris P., did an outstanding job of describing the robot to on of these guest, taking her hand from mechanism to mechanism to let her feel the parts of the robot.  These students were visiting from a school for the blind, and were very enthused about robotics.  The questions being asked from one of the girls were very insightful and expressed her great interest.  I expect and hope that she’ll soon be competing in FIRST.

Finally to the robot, which had three practice matches and a few practices on the pit field.  In the first two, there were some mishaps with the arm, but still we won the match.  Not all teams were taking practice, possibly because they were making fixes and being inspected.  Our last match, we defeated three defenses by crossing each twice.  We also scored a couple boulders in the high goal and challenged the tower.  All for a total of about 45 points, and a reasonably competitive score.  We rounded out the day making minor fixes, including a new boulder stopper to keep boulder for getting trapped in the robots center.

Competition continues tomorrow, with more information in the previous post for visiting or viewing online.  A couple photos of the day’s activity are below, and also on Facebook and Twitter below.



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