Competition Week – Kansas City

This week, the Greater Kansas City Regional, takes place at the MCC Business & Technology Campus (see map and info below).  Panther Robotics will be competing among 60 mostly regional teams with our robot, Sir Launch-A-Lot.  Our robot is capable of driving over the most challenging obstacles, then picking up and launching boulders at our competitor’s castle.  We are looking forward to competing, and hope to scale the castle wall and to score many points in order to compete in the elimination tournament.


Sir Launch-A-Lot 

Our Chairman’s team has been preparing to share our story of how our team has fostered the FIRST mission of inspiring students to technical career and inspiring people to support STEM education in our community and students.  At competition we will meet other students, teams, volunteers, and visiting public, and we get to share not only our robot, but our passion for our team in fun ways with “I LOVE ROBOTS” pins, our scrapbook of pictures of our year, our medieval standard (flag) showing our panthers, pit decorations, costumes, and cheering supplies.  We really  go all out for this three day celebration of ingenuity.  We welcome anybody to come and visit us, especially future FIRSTers, and see our robot in our pit and cheer on all the teams.

Competition Info:

Friday and Saturday (March 11th and 12nd) are best for visitors to watch competitions. The opening ceremony is Friday at 8 am, followed by matches until noon and from 1-6 pm. On Saturday matches continue between 8-12 am. After lunch (1:30 pm), the best teams compete in a elimination tournament. We hope to compete, but only the top 24 teams (out of 60) compete, so if specifically wanting to see one of our matches come earlier, but the finals are the most exciting part. The closing and award ceremony follow, ending at 6 pm.

Address: MCC Business & Technology Campus, 1755 Universal Ave, KC, MO 64210

For those not able to come, you can follow online through a video stream of the regional. These are located at The Blue Alliance, and the Kansas City Regional is at this link: or one the main site: For more information you can visit


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