Hot off the press

Read our new article (02/10/2016) in the Miami County Republic sharing FIRST and the 2016 STRONGHOLD game with our community.  The newspaper recently expanded its coverage area, now being the only paper in the county, giving the story further reach.  Miami county has a population of 32,835 (in 2013; source: US census) and is located at the south of the Kansas City metro area.  Thanks to the media committee for writing and getting the story in the paper.


Weekly bounce from the bottom

Like Patton said, “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom”. Bouncing over the defenses, our six-wheeled siege machine, yet to be named, bottomed out, so to speak.  Entering the final two weeks of robot build time, we are working very hard to finalize the mechanisms for the STRONGHOLD game, and to test the robustness of our drive by driving until the wheels fall off, often literally.

Our Chairman’s Team worked diligently and submitted the award essay, and have begun to prepare their talk for the judges.  A new page has been added to this website for helping other teams with Chairman’s preparations.  We are proud of our teams accomplishments in this competing for this award and its pursuit has sustained our team by sharpening our focus on the ideals of FIRST.  Please check it out and contact us for any questions.

We have continued to enjoy the support of parents, whether it is to provide one of the dinners, help with constructing the field elements, coming up with ideas for the robot, and the other ways they all have contributed.  Also, the 2016 sponsors make this team possible, and are listed on our About page.

To conclude, even through adversity of broken robot parts, this team is learning and, by that, building a better robot and becoming a better team.  We don’t yet know what the final weeks might hold, but their work thus far says they’ll rebound higher.  So back to work, and to leave another quote by Patton, “A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.”