Zeno’s Paradox

As we end our 3rd week of robot building, we are now in the Zeno’s paradox phase of our project.

However, the team is not discouraged, toiling away and suffering only mere flesh wounds (a testament to following safety warnings). All the wheels have touched the ground, and were driven (add video evidence – Chris P.). In the next weeks, we hope our vision and work leads to the holy grail of STRONGHOLD robots and not a quixotic vision of it.

Our diplomats (Chairman’s committee) are wrapping up the final touches on the essay and documents and will soon turn attention to the video. Our team’s history (link) is consistent with spreading the message of FIRST to our community and region, helping other teams succeed, and inspiring students. This year is no different and the team is excited to share the summary of our 2015-16 efforts.


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